Learn Details About Our Lives!

We are Ty and Chi Schoen. Born of humble roots in rural Maine we have schemed and plotted since the first. Whether is was rotten-apple-sneak-attacks on baby sitters or the conceptualization of multi colored hot dogs, we have never been deficient in enthusiasm for hair brained ideas.

So, when this one popped up, we decided to roll with it. The goal was to create a MAINE MADE product that was hassle-free, functional, lightweight and stylish. More importantly, we wanted our visors to transcend sport, lifestyle, age, and skill level. The SuperVisor is at much at home on the links as it is lead climbing in Red Rocks. The visor always needed a rebrand, and as two sweaty brothers can tell you; freeing your scalp really frees your mind too.

And so Mt. Neon was born. Replete with one-of-a-kind style and colorways to match every groovy glitch of your personal style. We are pleased to bring you the SuperVisor and we are eager to bring more unique lifestyle doodads to the fore in the coming months.

We hope to see you out in the great yonder, thrashing in the rivers, frothing in the powder, and frolicking in the waves.

Welcome to the Advisory.